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DNA Beauty - August 2017

DNA PRO-FIT Brand Ambassadors Featured

DNA Beauty - August 2017

Noelia Villarroel was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She had been actress  since July 2009. She had achieved the level of professional dancer. In 2014 she was certified at IFBB and from that moment she has been providing online couching for diets, nutrition, and instructing zumba. Noelia participated in "Los Angeles Salsa Congress" in 2010. In addition, she has participated in fitness events in her hometown, and she had her own tv show in the Dominican Republic in Telemicro channel.Recently Noelia is Living in Miami, Florida. She has been instructing Zumba, she was invited to "El Sol" to provide nutrition advices, she has been promoting herself as a social media influencer, and...

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