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DNA Extreme Core DNA PRO-FIT Fitness Weight Loss

Inspired by the structure of our own DNA molecules having three major components; our brand Day Night Aid for Professional Fitness contains three major components: dietary supplements, fitness tips, and meal/diet programs. We know our customers deserve better and this is why, we offer premium dietary supplements to make it possible for them to reach their health and fitness goals. 



The DNA Pro-Fit team was born from our constant dedication to strive for a healthier lifestyle. Our team was built with quality principles, integrity, and a foundation to achieve excellence. For several years, our team of scientist, nutritionists, and health experts worked hard to develop the most effective formulas. Our products were created with the quality and care that our customers appreciate and everyone in our organization passionately promote with pride. 

People want something different and as a result we created our breakthrough DNA Extreme Core supplement which contains a unique blend of nature’s most potent thermogenic ingredients. We personally stand behind our brand, our loyal customers, and their achievements that continue to make this journey great. Since we love to share our passion and knowledge with our customers, we make sure we constantly provide unmatched customer service and product support to our customers directly from our team at DNA Pro-Fit.



Our mission is to take our valued customers to the next level, inspiring and enabling them to push themselves to places they never thought possible. We strive to offer a great customer experience and this is why we constantly continue to provide education on how to live a healthier lifestyle. We help our customers reach their health and fitness goals by taking them to a whole new physical level. 

We also offer the opportunity to contact our personal trainers which have the most effective fitness programs to improve results. We provide our customers the advice they need to be successful and help them reach or exceed their goals. We are also working on having a full product lineup soon to constantly offer our customers more. We are driven by our customer’s results and passion to continuously improve our products.




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